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Unitary Patent – What´s next after the delay of the sunrise period

Published: 2023-02-10

UNITARY PATENT what’s next?

After the last delay for the sunrise period prior to the UP becoming a reality, I was wondering if we were ever really going to get there. Technical issues appear to have been resolved and the count-down appears to be on and this is good news. Hick-ups are to be expected, critics of the new system will continue to criticize, but eventually the market in general and individual users specifically will decide how to make the most of the opportunities thenew system presents.
What are the UP’s opportunities?
What are its drawbacks?
What can it achieve for users and for contracting states? Pros and Cons?
Figures EP validation 2020:
Portugal 5404
Belgium 2400
Netherlands 132781
Luxemburg N/A
Estonia 1663
Letonia 1787
Lithuania 1785
Bulgaria N/A
Austria N/A
Slovenia N/A
Malta N/A
Finland 7484


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