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EPO comments on Patent trends

Published: 2023-05-26

 In a recent EPO report Aidan Kendrick, EPO Chief Business Analyst confirmed (see link below) that:

Patent applications to the European Patent Office in 2022 were up 2.5%, at well over 193 000 - a new record.Demand for European patents grew, despite our applicants facing challenges from the energy crisis and semiconductor shortages. We were pleased to be able to continue to deliver high quality searches with good timeliness, with the consequence that some examination and grant work was delayed by a few months. The resulting dip in grants (to 81 754) is expected to be transient.
The graphics below showing resulting dip in grants are from the EPO.
In the first quarter of 2023 the number of grants took another massive dive of over 23% when compared to the same period in 2022, resulting in an overall drop of over 50% since 2019. It would appear that in the second quarter of 2023this trend is beginning to turn around, reaching first semester grants for 2023 similar to those of the year before. (Numbers for grants in the last week of June are not available until tomorrow). However, this turnaround is due in part to an unusually large number of grants in the first week of June (6702), probably linked to UP/UPC based requests for delays of publication of grant.
Mr. Kendrick’s description of a few months delay in examination and grant work, is a “diplomatic” interpretation of the EPO’s graphics. But the most important part here is that the EPO considers the dip in grants transient. We are certainly curious about how things will develop during months to come and will follow trends closely.




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